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Our children should graduate from APS ready to compete in an increasingly global and technologically advanced world. As community members, that means you should enjoy a thriving neighborhood that is safe, stable, and secure - and a school district that is a source of pride.


That’s what I am fighting for.

Every cluster needs to have its community needs met.

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We know we cannot educate children separate and apart from their communities. The community is a critical partner in this work. We need true community engagement that is effective and accessible. And most importantly, rooted in trust. We need Go Teams that work as designed and share governance with the district. We need right-size wraparound services that meet the specific needs of each cluster.

Every classroom needs to have innovative teachers who are valued and respected.

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Currently, less than 35% of APS students are proficient in reading and math. We must equip our teachers to confront this reality every day and enable them to lead their classrooms with confidence and consistency. This requires us to listen to teachers and engage them in the process of attracting, developing, retaining, and advancing the best teachers.

Every child needs to have a safe and supportive learning environment.

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Children today face a dramatically different world than we did. As digital natives, they are exposed to far more information and lived experiences. We have to modernize our approach to school discipline, safety, and support to ensure they develop the critical thinking, conflict resolution, and creativity needed to thrive in the future of work. Our schools must teach and model problem-solving, restorative practices, and interdependence.

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